There’s some exciting news from across the globe for Surrey Drive this week! We’ve been featured on the website of The Straits Times from Singapore!

Their daily ‘Today in Pictures’ feature takes several photos from things that are happening around the world to display to their readers. And, on the 15th May, one of those photos was linked to Surrey Drive!

Surrey Drive features in Singapore

The photo they chose was of Guildford Cathedral lit up blue on Thursday night. We knew that the initiative had gained some momentum, but we never thought it would be featured so far from home! It just shows the power that people working together for good can have. We’re all so pleased to have been chosen for this feature, and we hope that it’s raised even more awareness of what we’re doing, even if it is on the other side of the world!

If you’d like to see the photo in action on The Straits Times, along with the other images they chose for the 15th May, just click here.